Information Security & Cyber Risk

Enterprise Security Strategy

In today’s interconnected world from health devices to IoT devices fully connected with almost everything, the protection of sensitive information and IT Assets is of paramount importance for businesses, industries to thrive in ever changing dynamics of the world.

Enterprise Security encompasses a range of Strategies, Techniques, and Processes aimed at securing Data and System Landscapes against authorized access and potential risks. It goes beyond traditional cybersecurity measures, extending its reach to safeguarding data in transit across networks, servers, and end-users.

From backend Cloud Networks to IoT endpoints at the network edge, enterprise security covers all aspects of an organization, ensuring compliance with stringent global regulations.

IT Matters : Enterprise and Information Security serve as a critical pillars for any business, with two primary objectives –

  • earning profits and
  • satisfying customers

A cyberattack or any loopholes anywhere in the IT Landscape can have severe percussions, impacting both financial stability and customer trust. Failure to protect sensitive information and the data that flows across the enterprise wide, leading to significant financial losses and a tarnished reputation.

Today, a robust enterprise security system along with all essential governance structure with appropriate functional effective controls will add value to protect the enterprise businesses from inevitable cybersecurity threats.

Service Offerings that we provide to our Clients:

  • A full-fledged dedicated CISO-as-a-Service and DPO-as-a-Service
  • Data Protection and Privacy (along with initial review to provide an unbiased independent view with recommendations as necessary)

Data Security, it’s Privacy and Protection

Data Security, Privacy, and Protection are crucial in today's digital age, safeguarding sensitive information from unauthorized access, ensuring compliance, and maintaining trust in a rapidly evolving technological landscape.

What is Data Protection?

Data Security, it's Privacy and Protection is a critical process aimed at safeguarding sensitive information from damage, loss or financial crimes leading to fraudulent practices in any of the business processes.

Why it matters?

As businesses evolve and rely increasingly on digital technologies, the level of services needed to thrive in an innovation-driven world must keep pace.

With Cloud Technologies, Solutions and their Services gaining prominence, offering organisations access to higher efficiencies of scalability, management, and recovery options. With the exponential growth in data creation and storage, data protection has become more crucial than ever before.

Any failure to protect such data leads to severe consequences, including financial losses, reputational damage, hefty legal penalties and loss of customer trust for the business.

With organisations being subject to various data privacy standards and regulations, ensuring robust data protection measures is paramount.

Service Offerings that we provide to our Clients:

We offer comprehensive data protection strategies and privacy services designed to protect your information and data flows throughout its entire lifecycle, from acquisition to disposal.

1) Application Security Assurance

  • Security Engineering
  • VAPT
  • Source Code Review

2) Cyber Resilience

  • Red Teaming
  • Threat Management
  • Incident Management
  • SOC Consulting Service

3) Cyber Transformation

  • Digital Identity Governance (SAP, Oracle and other ERP)
  • Advisory & Risk Transformation
  • GRC Transformation

We assess and help clients in :

  • Review and Assessment Services of Data Flow, it’s Security, Privacy and Protection in On-Prem, Private and/or a Hybrid Cloud environment of IT Applications in IT Landscapes of various businesses, industries, startups etc.
  • Advisory on adapting to various data security and privacy regulations (as applicable) for businesses that operate across various geographies.
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