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Our success in Beco is intertwined with yours. That's why we believe in forming a strong collaborative partnership with your team.

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Client-Centric Focus

Your satisfaction is at the core of everything we do. We put our clients first, and our commitment to exceptional service and support.

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Proven Track Record

Beco Consulting has a proven track record of assisting businesses of all sizes to overcome challenges and achieve their goals.

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Why we are better than other

Our comprehensive range of senior care services is designed to address the diverse needs of older adults. We believe in treating our clients with dignity, respect, and empathy, fostering a sense of trust.

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Team Specialists
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Team Member

Arun Majumdar

Group CEO & Senior Partner

Arun Majumdar, a distinguished leader in the UK's Public Sector Security, specializes in enhancing security and risk management across multiple platforms. Graduating from Jadavpur University, his expertise lies in implementing advanced protocols and Oracle Risk Management Cloud systems. Arun is known for his innovative strategies and dedication to improving industry standards, particularly in challenging regions and sectors like manufacturing and power. With a focus on digital transformation and ERP solutions, he drives security, compliance, and operational excellence.

Team Member

Sayantan Polley

Co-Founder & Director

Sayantan Polley, an AI Researcher and Security Innovator, specializes in Oracle Risk Cloud and IT audit automation, revolutionizing security compliance. With expertise in risk management, data science, and cloud platforms like Azure and AWS, he offers a comprehensive approach. His strategic vision and operational excellence in managing Access-and-Transaction-Risk and detecting internal fraud set him apart. Sayantan's client-centric approach safeguards organizations against current threats and prepares them for the future. As an Oracle Fusion Risk Cloud Implementation Certified consultant, his track record demonstrates practical expertise in advanced AI solutions.

Team Member

Niladri Sekhar Dutta


Niladri S. Dutta, with over 17 years in IT, excels in Risk & Control, Governance, and Project Management. As a Partner, he's led transformative IT projects, mastering the Onsite-Offshore Delivery model. His strategic leadership and result-oriented approach mark him as a trusted authority in the tech industry.

Team Member

Rahul Ghosh


Rahul Ghosh is a seasoned Head of SAP Advisory, specializing in GRC Solutions and Basis Consulting. Known for strategic insight and analytical expertise, he drives operational excellence and growth in SAP environments. His experience across industries makes him a pivotal partner for transformative SAP strategies.

Team Member

Samson George

Senior Director Risk Management

Samson George, Senior Director for Risk Advisory, specializes in Oracle Security & GRC. With a strategic focus on enhancing cybersecurity, he adeptly manages ERP integrations and Oracle cloud services. Known for his client-centric approach and proven track record, Samson is a trusted partner in fortifying organizational defenses and driving innovative risk management solutions.

Team Member

Sunil Kumar

Partner - Information Security and Cyber Risk

A IT Security Advisor with 19+ years, championing Cyber Risk Management and Strategic C-suite Advisory.


"TRPGLOBAL has revolutionized our risk management with their automation solutions, significantly cutting down our time and resources. Their expert consulting and innovative tools provide not just compliance, but proactive risk mitigation. Their commitment to innovation and customer support makes them an invaluable partner in staying ahead of risks."


"TRPGLOBAL has streamlined our risk management, making it faster and simpler. Their tools and support are top-notch, giving us the confidence and time to focus on our business. They're our safety net."


"TRPGLOBAL transformed our risk strategy, making it efficient and worry-free. Their smart tools and expert guidance mean less hassle and more security for us. They're a game-changer in risk management."

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