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We are a recognized client-friendly partner known for assisting SAP customers in conducting SAP Health Checks, which encompass a review of the current SAP setup. Our services extend to cover all aspects of a successful SAP implementation, from initial planning to post-implementation review and support.

Additionally, we offer expertise in Oracle Risk Management Cloud (RMC), a premier security and audit solution that controls user access to your enterprise's Oracle Cloud ERP financial data, monitors user activity, and simplifies compliance through automation. Our proprietary implementation methodology, RiskSuccess©, has successfully delivered values to more than 100 enterprises globally.

Furthermore, TRPGLOBAL assists with the implementation of the Oracle Cyber Security module, enhancing your ability to mitigate risks of data breaches from cyber threats. This includes documenting the cyber security incident lifecycle—from reporting and investigation to response and closure—thereby helping your organization meet SoX compliances and other SEC requirements.

By partnering with us, clients gain access to our proprietary risk assessment tools, aiding in diagnosing and benchmarking SAP and Oracle Business Processes Implementation Risks. We help overcome challenges throughout the process and address SAP and Oracle Security Risks.

Our range of business consulting services extends beyond SAP and Oracle Security and Governance, encompassing Risk and Compliance (GRC) for all SAP and Oracle solutions and modules within the ecosystem.

Our collaborative approach involves working closely with IT, Finance, and Group Audit Executives to enhance operating efficiency and reallocate resources from day-to-day ERP landscape management to high-value business activities, ultimately helping companies succeed.

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Oracle Risk Management Cloud Implementation and Support Services

Seamless integration of Oracle Risk Management Cloud for proactive risk identification.

SAP GRC Implementation and Support Services

Navigate regulatory landscapes confidently with our SAP GRC expertise.

Oracle Guided Learning Implementation and Support Services

Empower your team through tailored support for Oracle Guided Learning.

Digital Transformation and Support Services

Continuous support for your journey, ensuring sustained digital excellence.

SAP Signavio Implementation and Support Services

Optimize processes and drive efficiency with our SAP Signavio Implementation services.

Technology Integration and Support Services

Reliable support ensuring your systems work in harmony, every step of the way.

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Our company proudly showcases a portfolio of diverse projects, demonstrating expertise, innovation, and successful outcomes across various industries and sectors.

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Embedded Analytics

Long-Term Goals

Develop a robust business strategy and roadmap that aligns with your long-term goals.

Time tracking

Financial Analysis

Gain financial clarity with our in-depth and comprehensive financial analysis.

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Process Efficiency

Identify inefficiencies and streamline your operations with our process optimization tool.


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