Enhancing ERP System Security in a Global Manufacturing Enterprise

A prominent player in the data storage device manufacturing industry, this company, established in 1970 and based in San Jose, California, specializes in creating hard disk drives, NAND flash-based storage devices, solid-state drives, and enterprise storage platforms. Its significant growth trajectory includes the acquisition of two Fortune 500 companies in the data storage sector, marking it as a formidable force in the industry.

Business Challenges

The company faced a significant operational challenge after integrating Oracle ERP Cloud into its systems. It was discovered that several users had unauthorized escalated privileges that allowed them to override critical approval workflow configurations. This issue posed a serious risk to the internal control environment, indicating potential violations of Segregation of Duties (SoD). A thorough manual analysis of SoD revealed numerous violations, highlighting an urgent need for a solution to automate the monitoring process and ensure SoD compliance.


After a detailed review by TRP Global, Oracle Risk Management Cloud’s Advanced Access Controls (AAC) module was identified as the ideal solution to meet the company's needs. The AAC module was specifically chosen to enforce stringent SoD policies and address issues arising from weak application role designs.

Business Benefits:

Implementing the AAC module brought several advantages:

  • Establishment of a centralized SoD monitoring system, enabling the detection of conflicts in user access across various business processes.
  • Enhanced efficiency and automation in validating user accesses based on real-time data, leading to quicker remediation and elimination of unauthorized accesses.
  • Improved workflow automation, significantly reducing the workload on IT resources and streamlining processes.


The adoption of Oracle Risk Management Cloud’s AAC module marked a pivotal step in enhancing the operational efficiency and security posture of this leading manufacturing company, setting a new benchmark in the efficient and secure management of user accesses within the dynamic manufacturing industry.