Revolutionizing Compliance and Access Control in Manufacturing with TRPGLOBAL

In the heart of the Iberian Peninsula, a prominent security solutions provider was charting its course in the vast markets of Spain and Portugal. With a customer base exceeding 4.7 million across Europe and Latin America, the company has established itself as a leader in integrating product development, design, sales, installation services, and 24/7 professional monitoring solutions. Yet, beneath its operational success, challenges loomed in the realm of Oracle Cloud ERP and SCM system management, threatening the integrity of its business processes.


Traditionally, the company relied on manual monitoring methods for user access and transactions within its Oracle Cloud ERP and SCM. This approach, while familiar, was proving to be ineffective and unsustainable in the face of evolving technological demands and the complexities of cloud computing. They required a robust, automated solution for efficient access monitoring, transaction tracking, and configuration changes. The goal was clear: to secure sensitive financial data and maintain compliance with ever-stringent regulatory standards.

Project Delivery

TRP Global, recognized for its expertise in risk management, emerged as the partner of choice. Their certified Oracle consultants, armed with years of experience in the manufacturing domain and a keen focus on security, embarked on a comprehensive project to address the company's needs. The project unfolded in several key phases:

  • Implementing Oracle Risk Management Cloud: This step automated the monitoring of accesses and tracking of transactions and configurations in Oracle ERP and SCM cloud.
  • Deploying Oracle Advanced Access Controls (AAC) and Oracle Advanced Financial Controls (AFC): These tools were essential for continuous monitoring of user access and transactions flagged with high fraud risk factors.
  • Enhancing Data Protection: The introduction of encryption technologies and secure storage solutions fortified the company's financial data security.
  • Establishing Real-time Monitoring and Audit Trails: This measure provided a transparent and detailed overview of all financial transactions and data handling.

Measurable Results

The transformation was evident in the measurable results:

  • Segregation of Duties-Compliant Job Roles: The company achieved compliant roles across all business processes, ensuring a robust internal control environment.
  • Continuous Monitoring with Risk Framework: A comprehensive risk framework for all access, transaction, and audit controls was established, enabling proactive risk management.
  • Elimination of Manual Errors: The adoption of AI-driven analysis ensured policy adherence, reducing the risk of human error.
  • Streamlined Data Security and Audit Management: The company now had a more efficient process for data security and audit management, enhancing its compliance posture.


The journey of this leading security solutions provider in Spain and Portugal exemplifies the transformative power of advanced technology in addressing complex business challenges. By partnering with TRP Global and leveraging Oracle's sophisticated tools, the company not only fortified its compliance and data security measures but also set a new standard in its industry for operational excellence and risk management. This case study underscores the importance of continuous innovation and adaptation in an ever-evolving technological landscape, particularly for businesses operating in high-stakes environments where data security and compliance are paramount​​​​.